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December 2018

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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:18 am

*** If you can't accept the rules below of this privately owned Forum, now is the best time to resign or make the decision to read, but not post to the Forum.  This Forum is not for everyone.  No forum is. ***

*** Absolutely no 2nd Chances! Immediate banning may follow if you try to abuse our Forum and the Members and try to slip in your ads, porn sites, attacks, etc., and ignore our Rules and Guidelines. ***

These mandatory rules were adopted after seeking the Forum Guides wise advice and guidance.  I feel they are reasonable rules, harsh though they may seem, and in the best interest of serving the Forum's purpose.  

Since I am the owner of this Forum, I take full responsibility for my actions, the actions of the moderators and all List management. Please understand, this is a privately held group not a democracy.  And understand, this Group's rules, policies, and restrictions are not applicable to me, nor to the moderators, at my pleasure. The moderators help me with the Group. They, like me, are volunteers and work hard and spend their valuable time to provide this service to you and the Filipino people. This list is operated at a financial loss. And it will probably stay that way.

The moderators and I retain the right to delete, edit, comment, reject post, moderate, ban, reinstate members, or whatever else we feel may apply.   And we are not required to provide notice or justification, though often we do.  I also reserve the right to post commercial messages on the list and commercials on the website, list and forum.  No one else has that right.  Request for paid advertisements, will be considered.  And I reserve the right to change these rules when I feel necessary and *without notice.*  The decisions of the moderators prevail.

Carliann {SB} Sophisticated Boutique is responsible for the information contained on this Forum. Posts are the property of the owner Carliann {SB} Sophisticated Boutique.

Rules of The Forum

To keep the order necessary to provide you with the information you need we need some rules and guidelines as below:

*Please stay "on topic". For example, if you want to talk about the product, that is for a the product list.  But if you want to talk about product in the Philippines, this is the place.  Off topics posts are list killers. Do not post them.*

*This is a non commercial, free forum. This is not a place to promote yourself or your business, or that of your business associates or friend's businesses. Signatures blocks and Email addresses with commercial domain names or that in anyway indicate your businesses expertise are not allowed. NO links in profiles to businesses will be allowed.

Spammers will be be immediately banned, NO exceptions.

*Flames and profanity are not allowed.  If you disagree, attack the position, not the person, please!  If you attack the person you will be removed or banned, whether your position is right or wrong.*

*No Filipino or any other nationality, race or religious group bashing is acceptable.*

*This is not an introduction service, bride, husband or marriage service. We don't sell or give out or ask for any names of Filipinas or Filipinos nor can you.*

*Request for donations, even for good causes, are banned.*

*Carliann {SB} Sophisticated Boutique Community Forum is a wholesome group.  The Forum contents will be suitable for anyone*

*Links to all blogs or other forums are not allowed.* New members are not allowed to post any links!

*Links to porn sites or sites that link to porn sites or International Introduction Services, sometimes called MOB services, are not allowed.*

*On The Forum we don't discuss Sexually Oriented Adult entertainment.  This includes  sexually oriented massage parlors, or businesses that otherwise facilitate prostitution*

Jump in and ask the questions that you've always wanted to ask.  Help others by sharing your knowledge with them.  Make new friends.  We all have at least two things in common...  we care about our health, and being beautiful!

***Carliann {SB} Sophisticated Boutique Community Forum is subject to change and or update at any given time.

Results may vary, and the testimonials and images featured on this website do not represent typical results.

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Forum Rules
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